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Friday, August 28, 2009

Greek Salad...

I love salads of all types. There's just so many things you can do with a salad. When I've had a hard day at work and don't want to worry about cooking something that's too heavy or that's too time consuming - a nice salad is usually my answer.

Onto the show...

The Greek Salad

Red onion
Feta Cheese
Bell Pepper
Kalamata olives
White balsamic vinegar

There you go have fun...

Ok I won't leave you with just that.

The lettuce - Pick a nice mix or some Romaine. I'm a fan of Iceberg lettuce for it's nice crispness, but it lacks in flavor. What I do like to mix a bit of it into a spring mix when I make salads so you get the nice flavors of the spring mix and the crunch of the Iceberg. I prefer to rip up the lettuce into bite sized pieces.

Tomatoes - Use any kind you like - cut them how you like or if using the smaller cherry/grape ones leave them whole. When I'm using tomatoes that have been cut I like to put a smidge of salt on them. There's feta, and capers in this dish which is very salty so a little will go a long way - All I will say is that tomatoes love salt...

Red onion - I like the look that red onions give to a dish, and I like their flavor. I usually cut them pretty fine when putting them into a salad because I don't want to bite into a huge chunk on onion. They don't have to be shaved but a thin slice is best if you ask me.

Feta - Nothing beets a good Greek feta. The French make a good one but Greek feta is my favorite. I'm lucky to have a market here that imports all kinds of feta (Greek, French, Danish, etc...) so I can get good feta when needed. If you have no other option that what's at your market - just use it... Feta is quite salty so don't go overboard with it. I tend to but that's because I love it...

Bell pepper - I would use something other than a green bell pepper - red, yellow, and orange are less bitter and usually sweeter.

Capers - Capers are essential to a Greek salad. They bring that little extra something. Most people don't use them - I beg you to do so! You will be happy with the decision!

Kalamata olives - Olives are another essential component to this salad. Just about every market caries Kalamata olives so they should be easy to find. The regular black olives really just don't work in a Greek salad if you ask me - you need something with better flavor.

The rest - I like to use the white balsamic vinegar because it has a good flavor and it doesn't darken the dish up. I put a spot of Oregano in the salad because it adds a really good flavor - you only need a nice pinch. Pepper goes without needing to explain (I hope). And we've talked about the salt - just a small pinch because we have other salty items in the salad...

Bon Appetit...



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