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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Looking For A Quick And Easy Dinner? Tostadas

Quick, easy, and good... Tostadas are not only good to eat they're fun to make. Once you have everything prepped, everyone can load their tostada up to their own tastes. They're a big hit at our house for the young and old(er).

With all the pre-prepped food that is available at the market these days if you are in a real hurry you can purchase already fried corn tortillas - onions - tomato - peppers - lettuce - cheese - etc... Personally I like the prep work - it doesn't take too long to do and it keeps your knife skills up!

In the video recipe below you will see we used:

*Fried corn tortillas
Refried beans
Shredded Mexican blend cheese
Red onions
Shredded lettuce
Hot sauce

It really couldn't be much easier...

* If you don't want fried corn tortillas or are looking for a healthy alternative, try baking up some Tumaro's tortillas in the oven until stiff and using them. They're the best tortillas I've ever used and they come in a variety of interesting flavors.

Bon Appetit...



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