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Monday, September 14, 2009

Mexican Food - Talahassee Florida

Some of my favorite places to eat are hole in the wall restaurants. As you can see this little 8x5 pull behind falls into that category. I was driving to a meeting when I passed this gem parked in a gas station lot. I spied it out of the corner of my eye and had to turn around to give it a shot. The only bad thing is, out of all the times I've been back I can never find this place! Since it's on wheels it's easy to move and OMG I want more so dang badly! If you know how to get a hold of them please let me know!

I have said below that there is quite a difference between Tex-Mex and Mexican food. Although you can make a mole in 2 hours - it takes 2 days to make a proper mole. Although you can smother your tacos in the Kraft or Sargento Mexican blend cheese - they wouldn't do it in Mexico. There are many others and I'm working on a blog to point out some of the big differences I've experienced. When I talk about Mexican food I'm talking about eating outside of Cancun & Cozumel - most of the food these places is more Americanized... Anyway click the photo and you can see what their menu was like - 100% Yum.

There was quite the language barrier when it came to ordering - my Spanish is quite horrible, and she didn't speak a lick of English. It all worked out though and I got exactly what I wanted.

My lunch: This was 100% fantastic. Sour cream, and a roasted salsa accompanied my gordita and taco. One was chicken (bock bock bock is how I ordered it) and the other was beef (moooo for that one)...

100% goodness...

Bon Appetit...


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