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Monday, October 19, 2009

Lamb Burgers

These lamb burgers will make you happy...

1 lb ground lamb
1 small onion diced
1 tsp mint
1 Tbsp Penzeys Greek seasoning
2 Tbsp soda water

Tzatziki sauce

You will need a large enough bowl to handle a pound of meat, a grill or grill pan (can use a broiler if you want, I've done it and it works just fine), and a set of hands (or a spoon)...

In a large bowl add everything but the arugula, tzatziki sauce, and the baguette. Mix with a large spoon or your hands until everything is well incorporated. Form into long thinner patties. Grill your lamb burgers until they are cooked to your preferred temperature. Like I said you can do this on a grill, on the stove in a pan, or under the broiler - I've used them all and they all work well...

Build - Cut the baguette into pieces that will accommodate the burgers (if you really want to get crazy you can toast the baguette before use). Spread the tzatziki sauce on both sides of the baguette. Put some of the arugula down on the bottom of the baguette, top with the burger then put on the top piece - Eat & Enjoy!

Bon Appetit...



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