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Monday, August 31, 2009

Redneck Eggs Benedict

I love breakfast... Just so many ideas to try...

It was the 5th of July when this creation came to mind. On the 4th of July I normally go over to my buddy Tom's house bright and early and we cook enough BBQ to feed an army. The day starts off with me making enough biscuits and gravy to feed everyone and anyone who cares to have some breakfast - Then it's cases of ribs in the smoker, beer bum chicken on the grill(s), gallons or beans - slaw - tater salad all made from scratch - I'm getting hungry just thinking about it... Anyway, this was the day after and I had brought home a few racks of ribs that were left over. Eggs Benedict sounded really good, but then I saw the bottle of Redneck Pepper sitting there and Redneck Eggs Benedict came to life.

Plain white toast instead of an English muffin or a crumpet
Nice smoked rib meat off the bone instead of Canadian bacon
A fried egg with a dose of Redneck Pepper instead of a gentle poached egg
And last but not least a healthy covering of your favorite hot sauce instead of hollandaise

I had thought about making an extra spicy hollandaise but thought just hot sauce would be more redneck - and I don't think hollandaise would really work here...

4 Slices of white bread, toasted
1-2 Cup(s) warmed rib meat
4 Eggs, fried
Redneck Pepper (
Hot sauce

big yum...

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