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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Weber Grill Restaurant Chicago

How horrible is this - the only place I could go to take an update class I needed to take last year was in Chicago... Poor me right?

In the same hotel I was staying in was the Weber Grill Restaurant. I had seen a few spots about them on TV and had always wanted to check it out. I was just amazed at the size of those huge grills they used (modified Weber Ranch models) - they're ginormous! Many moons ago I inquired about a franchise, but they said they had no plans on ever franchising the concept.

Anyhoo, The food was good - It wasn't jump up and down fantastic but it was good. I had their ginger-soy marinated skirt steak with smoky grilled onions and peppers. The steak had a good flavor and it was cooked perfectly - I'd order it again if I went back. The mashers were so rich I could only handle a few bites - really I think there was a stick of butter and a cup of cream in that little portion.

One of the people with me ordered their big G's warm dutch apple pie and it looked quite amazing. I didn't try it but she said every bite was wonderful...

My favorite part of the experience was watching them work the grills. I'd suggest going if you have the time...

Bon Appetit...



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