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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The BTC Wrap

I didn't eat much yesterday and when I was finally hungry all I could think about was a BLT. I looked in the fridge and I had all I needed except I was missing the L... I didn't let that stop me - Let me take a moment to say that when making a recipe if you don't have one particular item it doesn't mean you can't make the dish. Of course if you're making chicken marsala and you don't have any chicken you might be in a pinch - but if you don't have any pepper it's not like it's going to kill the dish to omit it. Anywho, my buddy The Tortilla Guy sent over a heap load of Tumaro's Wraps the other day and for the first time in all the shipments he's sent me the Priemium White Tortillas were in there! There is a difference in the tortillas at the store and let me tell you that Tumaro's Tortillas are the best I've ever had. They taste great and are a far superior product than the others...

Back to the BTC Wrap - I had Bacon, tomatoes, and well there's always a heap load of cheese in my fridge. So, you start with a wonderful Tumaro's Tortillas Wrap, lay down some many if that's your thing, add some cheese (I used the Kraft Deli American), tomatoes, a bit of salt and pepper, and finally your Bacon. Wrap, Eat & Enjoy...

1 Tumaro's Tortillas Wrap of your liking
1 Tomato sliced to your liking
4-5 Strips of cooked Bacon
Cheese if you like that on your BLTs

Bon Appetit...



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