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Friday, August 7, 2009

Lombardi's Coal-Fired Pizza Oven - New York City

Lombardi's Coal-Fired Pizza Oven - New York City

There's something about pizza that's cooked in a Coal-fired Oven. The taste really is different that anything you will find from a gas or wood-fired oven.

I finally had the chance to go to Lombardi's and I enjoyed every minute of it. The pizza was really good - and getting an up-close and personal look at their oven was really cool. The crust was absolutely fantastic. It had that flavor that only a coal-fired oven can give you. The only problem with my visit was that it was after spending a whole day at the Fancy Food Show so I really wasn't all that hungry. I had two slices of my pie and took the rest to go. I ended up giving it to some urban outdoorsman by my hotel.

Bon Appetit...


My Pizza!

A Slice Of Pie!

The Coal-Fired Oven


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  1. I love their pizza! I go there every time I'm in the city.