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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Julia Child

Like so many others my life was changed by Julia Child. Her passion for food struck me deep even at a young age. I remember one day coming home from school and finding her show on TV - this was in a time when the only option was 4, 6, 10, and pbs (which I think was either 8 or 13)... At the first moment I fell in love. I remember thinking to myself this was better than cartoons. The first thing I remember seeing Julia make was puff pastry. She was wielding her rolling pin banging the dough like a master swordsman. The next thing I remember was watching her try and flip a pan full of what I think was potatoes - some of them didn't quite make it back into the pan and she blew it off like a cat falling off a ledge - dismissed it as it never happened. She picked up what fellout and put it back in the pan and went along her way. It was amazing... Through the years I always watched her and I'll never forget meeting her on one of her book tours. It was so amazing to personally tell her how much I thought of her and to shake her hand. Her birthday is August 15th and I'm trying to think of what to cook in honor of her. I've been thinking of something as simple as the perfect scrambled eggs (as done to her liking), Roasted Chicken (but Chef John at Food Wishes already did that), maybe a Spinach Turnover like the one she created with Simone Beck... Feedback would be helpful in this decision!

PBS Online: Julia Child Contains information and video clips from Julia Child's PBS television series: Lessons with the Master Chefs. In these programs, Julia shares the kitchen with some of the most respected chefs of our time.

France honors culinary legend Julia ...

Julia Child Uncensored Some midi clips put together by Ed with funny things Julia Child could say..such as Grampa with relish, Hundreds of hours & You should have pot, just to name a few.

NPR's All Things Considered: Julia Child Moves On Interview with Julia Child about leaving Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Julia Child Tipping Our Toques to the True Master An article that appeared on the electronic Gourmet Guide's website in 1996.

Julia Child...A BUTCHER, A BAKER, A MOVER & SHAKER An biography about Julia Child from written by Kira Albin

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